Retrospective 2019 / Message from Mamas for Africa

"The financial assistance we receive from you is mainly used to run both our homes in the Eastern Congo.

Some of the initiatives your support is also being used for:

- covering the meals of women who are in transit to Panzi Hospital, a hospital that specialises in treating survivors of violence

- servicing our vehicles that are crucial to our activities: without road-worthy jeeps we wouldn’t be able to transport the women from the depths of Bukavu, Uvira or Panzi

- funding awareness-raising campaigns in the villages

- I could go on and on…


In addition, we also pay for surgical procedures a number of women, who wouldn’t have a hope of making it to Panzi, need. To provide these women with essential surgery we work with the local hospitals (in Walungu and Kasenga), who provide an excellent service but do charge a fee of minimum $ 300/woman while Panzi Hospital offers them the exact same care free of charge."

Thank you to all our customers ! You helped us support Mamas for Africa.


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